Surveillance and Security


IC RealTime

IC Realtime, LLC designs security solutions that not only help organizations to enhance the effectiveness of their security operations, but also improve their overall business performance.

Detecting and identifying security threats in realtime is one of the most critical challenges facing organizations today. IC Realtime, LLC has created video and biometrics solutions that identify threats as they occur and automatically alert management of potential breaches. With easy event-driven access, IC Realtime, LLC enables its users to immediately review events and investigate incidents as fast and effectively as possible.

For over fifty years Speco Technologies has dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovations in closed circuit video surveillance and electronic accessories, as well as the highest quality audio products for residential and commercial use. They have committed themselves to providing affordable, dependable merchandise, delivering exceptional customer service, and offering extensive product training, technical and marketing support.


You want more from your security system. We all want the ability to automate our homes, offices, and businesses to keep apprised of goings-on  when away, such as garage and door access, movement within the home or office, or keeping track of the daily activities of their families or employees—including adults, kids, and pets. 2GIG also offers the ability to see into the home or office using cameras, and offering the ability to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning use, and energy consumption at any time from anywhere.

The GC3 panel features 100 wireless zones, 100 user codes, and our CellSled(TM) cellular radio alleviates the needs of a telephone line for monitoring.